Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit

Wall-mounted units are the most versatile and popular style of indoor units. Slim, stylish and equipped with filters to continuously clean indoor air, these units sit high on the wall and are ideal for conditioning smaller areas such as individual rooms in a home, office or store. This indoor unit option does not require ductwork.

EZ-FIT™ Recessed Ceiling Cassette

Ideal for retrofits, these multi-zone cassettes feature a sleek, narrow-body design resting flush to the ceiling with a service panel easily accessed from below. Perfect for residential, hotel and office spaces, EZ-FIT units are equipped with auto vane technology to adjust air direction based upon your needs and advanced filtration capabilities.

SLZ Ceiling-Mounted Unit

These single- and multi-zone cassettes are designed to fit into a 2’ x 2’ suspended ceiling grid and mounted flush with the ceiling. A four-way air outlet provides maximum comfort by evenly distributing airflow throughout the entire room. Consider applying the SLZ with a short duct run to condition a small adjacent space. The SLZ model is available with an optional 3D i-see Sensor® providing ultimate comfort control.

Floor-Mounted Unit

Slim, floor-mounted units can be mounted partially recessed into the wall. Best used in a home, store or restaurant space, this is a great option if you are replacing radiators or want a unit in your sunroom or attic. Available as single-zone and multi-zone models, these units are equipped with H2i Hyper-Heating® technology, rapid heating capabilities and a multi-flow vane to control airflow throughout a space.

SVZ Ducted Air Handler

These compact and quiet air handlers can be paired with the MXZ and the SUZ Universal Outdoor Unit for INVERTER-driven efficiency best appreciated while reviewing utility bills.