Panasonic Ventilation Fan

WhisperGreen Select™ Ventilation Fan assures you’ll meet code on even the most challenging project.  Although industry performance standards are set at 0.1” and 0.25” static pressure, WhisperGreen® Select provides powerful CFM output to overcome 0.375” static pressure more common in typical installations. Its ECM motor with HVI certified True Flow ratings at the 0.375” benchmark removes unhealthy air and moisture to maintain good indoor air quality and the structural integrity of your building over time. It’s a whole-house ventilation solution customizable with Pick-A-Flow Airflow Selector combined with SmartFlow™ technology.

WhisperFresh™ Select Supply Fan can operate as a stand-alone filtered supply fresh air solution to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements for make-up/supply air or paired with Panasonic's multi-speed exhaust fans, the solution brings fresh, filtered supply air from outdoors into the home. Pick-A-Flow lets users customize airflow to nine settings from 50-150 CFM, ensuring the required air-moving power on any project. Easily integrates with central HVAC and enhances ductless systems for maximum IAQ benefits.

WhisperRecessed LED fan/light ventilation solution blends performance and beauty. The fan/light combination incorporates a powerful yet quiet 80 CFM fan behind an elegant recessed LED light. The fan stays out of sight in the ceiling behind the light, unobtrusive to the décor and the clean, fresh air in the bathroom. The warm white dimmable LED lamp uses up to 40% less energy than CFLs.

Cosmos™ Healthy Home System is the first professionally installed, IOT connected healthy home system that helps maintain a healthy indoor environment.  The system continuously monitors indoor air quality (IAQ) 24x7 with IAQ sensors, while managing harmful indoor toxins and VOCs (volatile organic compounds - gasses emitted from common household items).  When sensors detect unhealthy or contaminated IAQ levels that are out of acceptable range, the Cosmos Healthy Home System will activate to bring the IAQ back to normal levels by exhausting the contaminated air, and bringing in fresh filtered outside air. 
WhisperHood IAQ® 36” Wall Mount Chimney Range Hood range hoods combine contemporary crafting with ultra-quiet ventilation technology and high-velocity capture efficiency to collect, draw, and exhaust contaminants from the cooking area. Most range hoods are noisy and disruptive, discouraging frequent use. WhisperHood IAQ works quietly in the background ensuring cleaner air.